Why Concrete Is Still The Best Choice For Your Melbourne Driveway

When you put in a concrete driveway, you will have the benefits of a low-maintenance, durable surface that is easy to keep clean and looking good. 

Once upon a time, that meant a dull grey slab, but in this modern world, technology and innovation in the concrete industry mean the colour and styling options that are available now can make your driveway a feature of your home that’s admired.

Each property is unique with its own topography and house style, but our experts can help you select the one that works for you amongst all the options available today. 

Whether you are wanting one that blends in or stands out, we can help you find the perfect combination of base, rock, colour, stamp and tint to get you the driveway that you’ll be very pleased with. 

Apart from being good-looking and concrete’s durability, why is concrete still the best choice for your Melbourne Driveway?

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Benefits of using concrete for your driveway


Concrete driveways can handle almost any vehicle type you want to park on your driveway. They won’t crack or break up and are reinforced with mesh to take vehicles up to three tonnes.

Sound insulation

Concrete driveways are quieter than asphalt or paved driveways and way quieter than gravel ones. If you like serenity, a concrete driveway will help you achieve it.


Concrete in nonflammable. It helps create a fire-safe zone around your home that could help protect it during a fire.

Low maintenance

Concrete driveways have a huge advantage over pavers – no weeds! Concrete driveways require very little to keep them looking good and sealed driveways are even easier to clean!

Good drainage

Concrete is a non-porous surface and so will never become boggy, will dry out easily and will drain any excess water into the street’s stormwater system quickly and efficiently.

Resists damage and stains

Concrete is a very practical and durable surface. It can take a fair bit of impact, and if you seal your driveway, you’ll be able to sweep or wash it down with a hose.

Easy to customise to suit your taste

One of the significant advantages of concrete is the almost unlimited variety of colours you can tint it. You can choose from an extensive range of pigments that match or complement your home’s style. Exposed aggregate is another option, along with stencils, stamping and textures, to create a unique and practical driveway.

Easy to maintain

Concrete is easy to look after. It can be swept, or you can use a leaf blower to keep it looking neat and tidy and is easily cleaned with a broom and a hose. Sealing the driveway will minimise general wear and tear and make it even easier to maintain.

Weather resistant

Concrete is pretty inert and can easily withstand Melbourne’s inclement weather. Concrete isn’t bothered by snow and ice and remains intact with its complete integrity all through the winter cold and the heat of the summer.

Long life span

Concrete is more expensive to lay than asphalt initially, but due to its long lifespan, you should still have a concrete driveway looking good and completely intact when your neighbour is replacing their asphalt one!

Perfect for steep blocks

Concrete is the preferred option for driveways on a steep or sloping block, or where access is difficult. Concrete can be poured onto many steep slopes, and an aggregate is used to help with grip, especially for when it rains. 

Less expensive

Compared to pavers, concrete is less labour-intensive and faster to lay. This brings the cost right down, and with the stamping options available, you can have the look of tiles without the cost – or the weeds!

Custom design

Concrete has the flexibility to give you the design that you want for your home. With the variety of colours, pebbles, tints, stamps and stencils available, you can not only have a durable driveway, but you can have it looking exactly how you want it to.

Fast to install

You’ll be surprised how quickly a concrete driveway can be installed! Because concrete is so easy to work with and can tolerate a lot of situations, it requires less labour to install and with premixed concrete available by the truckload, your driveway may only take a single day to put in!


Concrete driveways that were put in decades ago still look as good today as they did when they were laid. Concrete is hard-wearing and doesn’t damage easily with frost, hail or storms. With the improvements over the years in the concrete industry, you can confidently expect your new driveway to outlast you!

Contact us for concrete driveways in Melbourne’s North & West

Call us today and have a no-obligation chat with one of our driveway experts. If you know what you want, we can advise and quote you quickly and get the job done as soon as possible. 

If you aren’t sure, then let us help you wade through all the design and styling options that are available these days to help you create the driveway that suits you, your lifestyle and your budget. 

Concrete driveways are a wise investment. With their longevity and small maintenance costs, they outlast nearly every other driveway type and stay looking good for decades. 

When installing a new driveway, you could be overwhelmed by the options available to you. There are so many designs, and some of them don’t even look like you would expect a concrete driveway to look!

This is where we come in. We can assess your block, your needs and your house style and help you find the solution that makes the most sense for your family’s needs and budget.
We’ve been in the concreting business for a very long time and understand what concrete driveways can and can’t do and would love to help you get what you need to satisfy your driveway needs. 

Call us today for a no-obligation free assessment and quote and be surprised at what a concrete driveway could do for your home!

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